Common Sense PAC

Common Sense Iowa is made up of a growing number of politically active Iowans who believe that our society is made up of only three God ordained institutions:The traditional Family, made of one man joined in Biblical Marriage to one woman for the purpose of procreation and the education of their offspring to love the Lord their God with all their heart, mind and soul and their neighbor as themselves. The Church, whose purpose is to proclaim the sinfulness of man, the judgment of a just God and the grace and mercy of a loving Creator God. Civil Government, whose purpose is to support and enforce the laws of nature and the laws of the Creator God that founded the static laws of nature.

The Judiciary of Iowa have begun to base their opinions on the evolutionary law of man instead of the static laws of nature and its creator God. As a result, they have decide to create laws which is outside the bounds of their jurisdiction.

The Legislative and Executive branches of Iowa have failed to interpose for the people of Iowa to bring a rogue Judiciary into check. Therefore it is now the responsibility of the people of Iowa to remove the political leadership of Iowa. Common Sense Iowa is mobilizing their families, friends and neighbors to let the political leadership of Iowa know how we feel about their abuse of power through signs across the state.